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    World-Class Biologics Manufacturing Capabilities

    To support the commercialisation of the Group's proprietary products and its partners', Uni-Bio Science Group's subsidiaries own and operate biologics manufacturing facilities in Beijing and Shenzhen which strictly adhere to the conditions and standards of the international Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).

    The Group has invested over HKD240M in equipping its manufacturing facilities with the latest equipment, including multiple bioreactors, from leading international companies.

    At its certified cGMP (China Good Manufacturing Practice) manufacturing plants in Shenzhen and Beijing, Uni-Bio Science produces and packages innovative products to be delivered to patients across China.

    Uni-Bio Science continues to invest significantly in its manufacturing capabilities to ensure that all plants comply with global standards, ensuring stringent product quality control and manufacturing capacity.Recently the waste water treatment facilities in Beijing plant was upgraded to improve compliance to environment policy.

    Uni-Bio Science's biologics manufacturing facilities :

    Beijing GeneTech

    Investment confirmed in multifunction production line for injection pen and prefilled products

    High speed tablet and capsule production lines

    50L and 500L bioreactors

    12,500 sq-meter total floor space capable of producing both chemical and biologic drugs, compliant to latest GMP standards

    Dedicated R&D and new formulation development centres

    Shenzen Watsin

    Liquid ophthalmic and dermatological preparations in spray and drops
    World class packaging facilities

    Two 50L bioreactors

    8,100m2 total floor space producing two biologic class I EGF drugs, compliant to latest GMP standards

    Temperature-controlled supply chain facilities